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Published on August 7th, 2013 | by Daniel Perlman


Arizona Cardinals cheerleader and Army vet arrested for beating boyfriend

Just days ago, Megan Welter inspired admiration for her dual career as an NFL cheerleader and U.S. soldier. Now she is making headlines again for domestic violence.

Megan Welter screamed “Who is she?” as she punched and scratched her boyfriend.

The Iraq War veteran turned Arizona Cardinals cheerleader who thrilled audiences with her versatility shocked the nation once again – by beating up her boyfriend.

Megan Welter, 29, was arrested for assault, disorderly conduct and criminal damage after attacking her beau in her Scottsdale, Ariz. home, authorities said.

“The victim in this incident had a cellphone that he used to record the assault,” Scottsdale Police Sgt. Mark Clark told the Daily News. “In addition to that, the officers witnessed injuries consistent with the victim’s statements.”

The couple had been drinking to excess to celebrate Welter’s birthday July 20. They started arguing about 3:15 a.m. after the unidentified male received a flirtatious text from an ex-girlfriend, he explained.

The argument escalated to the point where Welter called 911 to ask police for help removing him from her house.

“My boyfriend just became abusive. We got into a physical fight,” she told the dispatcher. She described him as a “professional fighter” who “smashed [her] head into tile.”

But when police arrived they could not find any signs of abuse on Welter’s body, a police report said.
In Iraq Welter ensured that soldiers could communicate during combat missions.

No cuts, no bumps, no bruises.

The boyfriend showed the cellphone footage of Welter pummeling him and screaming “who is she?” repeatedly as he pleads with her to stop.

She was arrested and released without bail on the same night.

The victim told local station 3TV that he hopes the incident does not take away from the good things she has done in the military and the NFL.

“People make mistakes, no one is perfect,” he said. “People seem to only remember the bad and it is easy to point fingers while standing on the outside.”

He added he hopes this will be a learning experience for Welter.

Just days ago Welter made national headlines for serving the country in Iraq and fulfilling her dream to become a cheerleader for an NFL team.

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Source: “Arizona Cardinals cheerleader and Army vet arrested for beating boyfriend,” August 7, 2013.

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