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Published on June 24th, 2013 | by Daniel Perlman


California teen arrested on suspicion of double homicide

Prosecutors are charging as an adult the 16-year-old Davis resident accused in the double homicide of Oliver “Chip” Northup and Claudia Maupin in April – a boy who four years ago was considered a hero for saving his father’s life.

Daniel William Marsh was arrested Monday on suspicion of stabbing the couple in their home on April 13. In a complaint filed Tuesday, he was charged with two counts of first degree murder with enhancements for using a knife.

Northup, 87, and his wife Maupin, 76, were found stabbed to death April 14 in their Cowell Boulevard condominium after police were asked to check on the couple. Maupin’s daughter had become worried when her mother and Northup – lead singer of the Putah Creek Crawdads – failed to appear for scheduled performances that day.

Marsh was 15 at the time of the double homicide, which rocked a city unused to such brutal crimes. Authorities have not revealed any possible motive for the killings. Police say there were signs of forced entry when officers arrived, but they do not believe burglary was a motive.

The last time Marsh received notoriety, it was in 2009 when he was celebrated for quick thinking after his father had a heart attack and passed out behind the wheel.

In that incident, the 12-year-old Marsh grabbed the wheel and steered the car to a stop. Then he pounded on his father’s chest until his heart started beating again. His father made a full recovery, and Marsh was recognized by the Red Cross during its December 2009 Hero’s Luncheon.

“If I didn’t do anything … he wouldn’t have made it,” Marsh said at the time. “So I guess I am a hero.”

How the onetime hero could have committed the recent bloody crimes is unclear. The complaint against Marsh also alleges special circumstances in the case: That Marsh intentionally killed more than one person, that he was lying in wait before the attack, that he tortured the victims, and that the murders were exceptionally “heinous and depraved.”

The complaint, signed by Supervising Deputy District Attorney Garrett Hamilton, also states the reasons for trying Marsh as an adult, citing criminal codes allowing a change in jurisdiction due to special circumstances and because the victims were 65 or older.

Marsh is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon in Yolo Superior Court.

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Source: “California teen arrested on suspicion of double homicide,” June 24, 2013.

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