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Published on August 4th, 2013 | by Daniel Perlman


Florida mom arrested for locking 30-year-old autistic son in ‘dungeon’ room

Dungeon in Back Room of a Trailer

Gladys Jaramillo of Sweetwater, Fla. was arrested on Thursday after police discovered that she kept her 30-year-old autistic son in a ‘dungeon’ like conditions in a back room of her trailer home.

The Florida mother was arrested after locking her 30-year-old autistic son in a “dungeon-like” room of their trailer park home, police said.

Jaramillo, 56, admitted to using a dead bolt and iron bars to keep her autistic son in the barren room with nothing but a mattress — no food or drink, no lights, no bathroom.

The ‘dungeon-like’ prison had nothing but a mattress inside.

The floor was covered with human excrement, police said.

“As soon as you walked in the door, the smell of urine and feces slapped you in the face,” police spokesperson Michelle Hammontree-Garcia told local station WTVJ.

Jaramillo said she would medicate her son so that he would fall asleep and she could go out with her boyfriend.

An anonymous caller Thursday told police about the situation at the house in Sweetwater, a suburban West Miami-Dade city near Florida International University’s main campus.

The home was empty when police and firefighters arrived.

Inside responders found “a small room with a blacked-out window and a rusted iron door with a lock accessible only by the outside.”

Jaramillo and her son returned to the trailer home while police were at the scene. She admitted she would medicate her son so he would doze off and she could hit the town with her boyfriend, according to the arrest affidavit.

A police spokesman said ‘the smell of urine and feces slapped you in the face’ when entering the room.

“He’s a troubled young man, but not aggressive,” a neighbor told the Miami Herald. Another added, “She is an irresponsible woman. One day we saw her son running in a diaper.”

The man was taken to Kendall Regional Medical Center for scratches and bruises, nothing life-threatening, police said.

Jaramillo was charged with aggravated abuse and neglect on a mentally disabled adult and false imprisonment, authorities said.

She is being held on a $15,000 bond.

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Source: “Florida mom arrested for locking 30-year-old autistic son in ‘dungeon’ room,” August 6, 2013.

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