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Published on March 13th, 2013 | by Daniel Perlman


Police: Boulder High Principal Kevin Braney arrested in domestic violence case

Boulder High School Principal Kevin Braney has been arrested on suspicion of domestic violence, child abuse and criminal mischief following an incident at his home where police say he damaged some property, and he is on paid leave from the school.

Police were called to the Boulder home Braney shares with his wife, Andrea, and their children at about 9:40 p.m. Wednesday on reports of a domestic violence incident, police say.

When officers arrived, Andrea Braney said they are in the process of divorcing. She said that early in the evening she had been rearranging property between rooms, taking her belongings from his room and placing his items on bookshelves in his room, according to a police report.

When Kevin Braney came home from a work function about 9 p.m., his wife said, he was calm until he saw that things had been changed in his room, at which point he entered her room and began throwing things, damaging property and yelling at her, according to the report. She told officers he was acting in an unpredictable manner and she was worried things would become physical.

Police noted that a picture frame and a lamp were found damaged in Andrea Braney’s bedroom. The bed frame had also been taken apart, and the mattress and box spring were turned over and were leaning against a wall.

Kevin Braney was arrested at 10:42 p.m. on suspicion of criminal mischief, domestic violence and child abuse for allowing a child to witness the incident, according to the report.

He wrote a voluntary statement following his arrest. He noted that after returning from work he saw his wife had taken her belongings from his room and he then decided to remove his belongings from hers.

He said at no time did he yell at his wife or touch her, though they did have “stern” words about finances.

He told officers prior to his arrest that part of what he was trying to remove from her room was a bed frame headboard, which meant taking apart the bed frame and required some force to accomplish. The bedside lamp may have been damaged in the process, he said.

Andrea and Kevin Braney both told police that he was planning to move out of the residence in the next few weeks.

Kevin Braney has been placed on paid administrative leave from his duties at Boulder High School while he addresses personal and health issues, according to Boulder Valley School District officials. He was hired as the school’s principal in July 2009.

Assistant Principal Scott Cawlfield will serve as interim principal, officials say. Parents and other members of the Boulder High School community were informed about the situation in an email from the district Friday.

Attorney Todd Burnham is representing Kevin Braney in his divorce and pending criminal case. He spoke to the Camera on his client’s behalf Friday evening.

“This is a man with an impeccable reputation, an Ivy League-educated individual with no criminal history whatsoever,” Burnham said of his client, who holds a bachelor’s degree from Brown University. “I find it convenient that he is arrested and charged with criminal mischief and domestic violence contemporaneously with divorce papers being filed.”

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Source: Daily Camera “Police: Boulder High Principal Kevin Braney arrested in domestic violence case,” March 8, 2013.

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