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Published on August 2nd, 2013 | by Daniel Perlman


Trooper advises Sewickley Township residents fed up with crime

The Sewickley Township Crime Watch committee is asking residents to join in the fight against crime. Those who witness criminal activity or have information about criminal activity are asked to send that information to the following email address. That information will be forwarded to state police Trooper Steve Limani.

The best way for citizens to fight crime in Sewickley Township, particularly drug dealing in Herminie, is to be aware of the criminal activity and report it to police, while refraining from confrontations that could result in someone being shot, a state police trooper said Thursday during a crime watch meeting.

“You’re the intelligence officers. When you have a complaint, provide (police) the vehicle description, the license plate and the time of day” the activity is occurring, Trooper Stephen Limani told about 25 Sewickley residents who gathered for a crime watch meeting at the township building.

“We would love to have that information. … We’re not asking you to jeopardize your safety” in obtaining information on criminal activity, said Limani, a state police spokesman at the Greensburg barracks.

“A lot of times these guys have guns,” Limani said.

One of the leaders of the crime watch committee, Linda Harvey of Rillton, said it is apparent that some action must be taken to prevent the drug activity and the community must be involved.

“It’s your responsibility to look out for Sewickley Township, to be the eyes and ears of the community. They (the police) can’t be here all the time,” Harvey said.

Limani said that he would relay information he receives from the crime watch committee to a state police unit that specializes in interdicting motorists trafficking in drugs and other illegal activity, as well as an undercover vice unit.

The state police are conducting “an active drug investigation in your community right now,” Limani said, while declining to discuss any details about it. The drugs that are being circulated in the community are coming from Allegheny County.

The meeting comes a week after concerns over the heroin drug dealing activity in Herminie were expressed to the Sewickley Township supervisors. The supervisors said they would study the feasibility of contracting with a local police department, such as North Huntingdon or Smithton, to complement the police protection provided by the state police at Greensburg.

Charles Steban of Herminie said that the criminal activity involving drug dealing is obvious in the community and it happens day and night, in front of community buildings and private businesses.

“Around our town, you damn near need to be Stevie Wonder (a blind singer) not to know what’s going on,” Steban said.

George Neat of Herminie said he created a website, Fighting the Drug Issue in Sewickley Township, after seeing what he believed were three drug deals in Herminie last Friday night.

Limani said he believes that the heroin use results from people taking prescription medication and getting hooked on it.

“Heroin is the substitute for the drug they are taking,” Limani said.

“Once your kid touches the stuff, it’s hard to get them back,” said Carmen Capozzi, father of Sage Capozzi, a 20-year-old Irwin man who died of a drug overdose in an Irwin motel in March 2012.

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Source: “Trooper advises Sewickley Township residents fed up with crime,” August 2, 2013.

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